Wednesday, February 20, 2019


We need to fix basketball by going to 4 on 4 full court. Four on 4 full court basketball will bring back the fast break, the most exciting thing about basketball. It's all about the mathematics. 


Then comes 3 on 3 full court, 2 on 2 full court, and 1 on 1 full court.



4-on-4 Ball

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

James Harden Could be Better

I'm watching James Harden play right now as the Houston rockets are playing the Milwaukee Bucks. James Harden is spectacular. He looks like the best one-on-one player in the NBA. But he could be better.
I suspect the reason Daryl Morey obtained James Harden was because of his basketball statistics. James Harden is often the best at what he does, shoot layups, or shoot 3-pointers. And, he almost never shoots a mid-range shot which is only worth two points and is a relatively low percentage shot.
But James Harden would be much better if he was playing four-on-four full court instead of five-on-five. when James Harden finishes with the NBA he needs to get other players together and start a four-on-four full-court basketball league by licensing the copyright to this ongoing treatment and script for TV shows and all other media, whether it is for reality shows, scripted shows, non-scripted shows, etc. Unleash the talent of these exceptional basketball players with less defense against them! Mathematically it would be fantastic. Once again we would have full court basketball with non-stop run-and-gun style. Where has the fastbreak gone? It died with the three-point line.
Yes, today I watched sports commentators talk about the Rooney rule and how players are not becoming coaches, managers, and owners. Here is a way that current players and retired players could become coaches, managers, and owners of a whole new league! Or a TV show or a TV series or tournaments. There could be a style of basketball with far more dunks, fast breaks, and alley oops than ever before in history. It's all about four-on-four full-court, 3 on 3 full court, 2 on 2 full court, and one on one full court. A talented basketball player, or any interested person, just needs to become an entrepreneur to change the world of basketball forever.

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